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Dr. Eric Chen, DDS

Howdy, my friend! I’m glad you have reached our website and are learning about our dental practice and staff. Naturally, you have questions about me, your dentist. Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

I grew up in Taiwan, a small country off the coast of China. I moved to Southern California with my sisters when I was thirteen. Went through the public school systems of Southern California, then attended UCLA for my undergraduate training.  During high school and college, martial arts and racket sports have been a large part of my life and recently I have a new-found obsession with fishing. I am also a dog aficionado and a parent to a pomeranian and border collie.

I shadowed different health fields but ended up falling in love with dentistry because I’ve always been infatuated with artistry and health care.  I had the immense privilege of attending Loma Linda University School of Dentistry which has given me extensive training in restorative dentistry and basic dental surgery. During my third year, I was approached one of my mentors to apply for the three-year Implant Dentistry Program at the University, the only three-year program of its type.  That single decision has been the most formative experience for me as a clinician and care provider. For three years, concepts in periodontal surgery, implant surgery, and prosthodontics were ingrained in how I diagnose and treat patients.  Altogether, that was 7 years of schooling for dentistry that I would gladly do again because it has given me tools and knowledge for excellent patient care. What this means for you as a patient is that your future dentist has a uniquely comprehensive view of treatment–from surgery all the way to finishing your new, improved, and beautiful smile.

My treatment planning philosophy is simple. What I do for you is what I would do for my own family members. How, you ask?  This means that I do not compromise on materials. I buy the best implants and restorative materials on the market and use the best labs in the Valley to deliver the best care. Good dental care requires good techniques, good materials, and good labs partnered with good patient care. I am an active participant in continuing education and have presented lectures and presentations at various professional venues to educate and learn from colleagues.

What would you like to improve about your smile? Whether it’s as simple as fixing a toothache, replacing a missing tooth, straighten crooked teeth, or cosmetic improvements, my staff and I would love to help you.