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Smile Gallery

Maisha B.

“Both of these Doctors are so amazing! After several years of having to grin instead of smile fully … They gave me my smile back! … I was in tears because they were such an amazing blessing to me! … I recommend them wholeheartedly! … They are kind, funny, have tons of patience and the love they have for what they do is astounding! … Thank you Doctors for all you did for me! … I would give them tons of thumbs-up if I could … Simply “Thee Best” … They truly go above and beyond to make your smile look fantastic!”

Nicol M.

“Rhiana is SO HAPPY and so are we!! Thank y’all for everything! #proudpatients #smilesformiles  #bestdentistsever #bestpeopleever 

Mark D.

“I was cared for by both Dr. Eric and Dr. Kylin Chen. They were gentle during my surgery and listened to me when I described what kind of smile I wanted. I even brought in pictures of my smile when I was younger, and they tried to imitate it with my new denture. When I went home with my new smile, my wife could hardly believe it. She says she feels like she is falling in love with me all over again!”

Chris M.

“Before my experience with Dr. Kylin and Eric Chen, I was unable to smile in public. I didn’t go out at all, and I was so embarrassed of my smile I rarely spoke to people. After I was given my dentures, I was able to get a job and rekindle my friendships that had suffered. I am grateful to Dr. Kylin and Eric Chen for helping give me my life back.”

Arlene L.

“I did not like how my old teeth look masculine and bulky, these are so natural and beautiful. Also, my bite feels so much better now!”

Dental Patient Procedures


Full mouth extractions were performed by Dr. Kylin Chen and Dr. Eric Chen for this patient due to the presence of dental caries and periodontal disease. Complete dentures were delivered on the day of extractions.

The only wish of this patient was that he could eat steak again! His remaining teeth were extracted, and Dr. Kylin Chen and Dr. Eric Chen delivered immediate dentures on the day of the surgery. A couple of months later, the patient reported he ate a huge steak to celebrate his birthday!